Transport Planning and Appraisal

Future Transport and Intelligent Systems

Front-End Project Governance

Transport Security analysis

Transport infrastructure projects (e.g. rail, roads, bridges, etc.) facilitate economic productivity, connectivity and create new employment opportunities, thus forming the critical lifeblood of economic prosperity and development. Transport Futures Hub is an industry-led, multidisciplinary and collaborative group of researchers at Deakin University undertaking state-of-the-art and innovative transport infrastructure research.

Main Research Themes

Transport Infrastructure Planning and Appraisal

Investment in transport infrastructure is an important strategy to respond to the growing population, urban sprawl and congestion in order to enhance the liveability of our cities and support economic growth. This theme explores best-practice in cost-effective, resilient, efficient and modern transport infrastructure networks. This theme also covers benefits realisation and value-for-money analysis.

Systems Mapping and Analytics

Integrated Transport Systems; Real-time Predictive Data Analytics; AI and Automation for Systems Management; Vulnerability Assessment of Transport Networks

Future Transport and Intelligent Systems

Research investigating Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVS), Future-mobility and Impact on Transport Infrastructure, Cyber-Security; Technology-Enabled Mobility; Intelligent Transport Systems; Cleaner & Sustainable Mobility

Smart Transport Technologies

Smart-rail route mapping; future transport and cyber-security; Internet-of-things and transport; technology-enabled transport; AI and next-generation transport; adoption and deployment of these next generation technologies.

Front-End Project Governance

The large scale of capital investment needed for major transport infrastructure projects, as well as the extended lifecycle of these assets warrants rigorous decision-making backed by robust empirical evidence.This is crucial at the front-end of the projects before projects are sanctioned. This theme of research explores best-practice in front-end project governance to increase the chances of achieving value-of-money and realise the benefits of undertaking transport projects.



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